What a Croc(k)!

Last weekend, there were some serious monster-animals gone wild movies on the Syfy channel. I, of course, didn’t watch any of them…(well, maybe just a wee bit of Piranha, (the remake where Jerry O’connell gets a seriously over the top pedicure and leg wax), but I digress. I did manage to work on a project that just might qualify a Mega Syfy movie weekend as a research driven tax right off! Let me just say right up front, if anyone yells out, CrocNado!!!!, I will not be amused. I may chuckle quietly, and show my best Mona Lisa smile, but there will be no amusement! Garden Art is serious business, and I aim to remain focused.

My purpose here is to show a piece of sculpture that is in progress. This Croc(k) sculpture is a fresh concrete casting of my original sculpture. It is meant to sit upright, and will be perfect as an indoor object d’art, (yes, sometimes I describe my artwork using the beautiful French language), or as a lovely garden accent (American / English). I do realize Crocodile art won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but I happen to think the beasts are très beau!

Green Croc Concrete Sculpture My next step is to apply layers of acid stains to the surface, which will react chemically with the minerals in the concrete to produce a one-of-a-kind color finish. Acid staining is an art in itself. The results become more predictable with experience. Once you apply the stain, it does not come off! As I always say…or at least once in while I say it, or whenever I say it ~ a card laid is a card played! (I’ll say it from now on). I have lost more than one piece due to bad staining results, and this is a perfect casting that I don’t want to lose.

I will post more photos as I go. (unless I screw it up, then I’ll never mention it again!)
What a Croc(k)!

Raw Concrete Crocodile

Pacific Ocean Park ~ Commemorative Tile

An update on the Pacific Ocean Park Commemorative Tiles I’ve been working on with artist, Dave Doherty. I have several finished and available in my Studio Store. They are cast in Tuf-Stone, Gypsum Cement, and have a lustrous wax finish. (Tuf-Stone is made to be very durable and chip resistant) At this point, I have two color styles, one is a Natural Sand color, and the other is a darker Medium Oak color. Tuf-Stone is more of an indoor material, meaning it doesn’t like constant exposure to water. The tiles have been treated with a penetrating sealer with a protective wax finish, so they do have some protection. If there is an interest, I will make them  in concrete, which will hold up great outdoors.

Pacific Ocean Park Tile, natural finish     Pacific Ocean Park Commemorative Tile, dark oak color

Pacific Ocean Park (POP) Commemorative Tile

I’ve been working on a project with a good friend of mine, Dave Doherty, on a relief tile that commemorates the now deceased, Pacific Ocean Park (POP), an amusement and theme park that once existed in Santa Monica, CA.
Pacific Ocean Park Tile ~ final clay sculptureI’m posting a picture of the sculpture I just finished here. I’m working on the first casting of the tile, and will be offering it as a concrete tile, which can be purchased on my Studio Store link. Stay tuned, I will post as soon as I have images to see.
To get you really interested, Dave has provided a bit of the history of Pacific Ocean Park below, and his Web site, RIPPOP.COM, has a ton of pictures, pre, and post-mortem. Daves’ Web site is very cool, so check it out if you love old California theme park history.

Pacific Ocean Park” or “POP” was a 28 acre space age, nautical theme park pier that operated in Santa Monica from 1958- 1967. It was created by the owners of Santa Anita Racetrack, (the LA Turf Club) and CBS television with a variety of attractions including the “Sea Serpent” Roller Coaster, the “Banana Train Ride” as well as live television broadcasts of shows like “Wink’s Dance Party.” This beautiful tile is a view of the three iconic Seahorse sculptures and “POP” bubble that stood above the Starfish entrance to the park. From 1968 – 1974 the remains of the pier became the home – base of the “Dogtown and Z-Boys” surfing phenomenon.
Pacific Ocean Park Ticket