Grotesque Corbel – clay sculpture

My latest garden sculpture project is inspired by Romanesque architectural ornament, a Grotesque Corbel.

Corbels are, basically, fancy brackets that extend out from a wall and may support weight. The function of a corbel may also be purely decorative. I am creating this as a decorative piece for a garden setting, but it could be used as a small shelf or shelf bracket as well.

Grotesque Corbel - clay sculptureThe scale of this corbel is on the small side; 7″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep. The final material will be cast concrete, perfect for any outdoor environment. The image shown here is the clay model in progress. When I’m finished with the sculpting, I will make a rubber mold for casting. I plan to post images and details of the molding process for folks that may be interested in how molds are made.

Below is a front view of the corbel.

Grotesque Corbel, clay sculpture - front viewI haven’t talked about the word, grotesque here yet. In the simplest terms, a grotesque is similar to a gargoyle, but without a water spout. They are meant to be somewhat ugly caricatures, silly or comic renditions of humans, animals or other mythological beasties. In addition, a grotesque (or a gargoyle) sculpture may include some decorative accents such as flowers, fruit, curly cue designs, etc. Living in San Francisco for many years contributed to my interest, and appreciation for this type of ornate design. (or maybe I’m just a bit off kilter…

Anticipation – concrete, chameleon, wall sculpture

Who doesn’t like Chameleons?!  My new garden art piece is a high relief, cast concrete wall hanging, created from my own original clay sculpture. I developed the surface color using a variety of concrete stains to create a rich, and uniquely one of a kind patina.

“Mr Chameleon” seems to be experiencing a moment of…Anticipation. The leaf bug (upper right) he is watching probably has other thoughts. Leaf bugs probably taste a lot like chicken!

Indoor or outdoor appropriate He measures 11 x14 inches,and has a hanger on the back.

Anticipation is available for purchase on my Shop page.

Anticipation - Garden Sculpture