Baby Snooks Concrete Baby Head Planter

Quirky Garden Art Planters

BabySnooks - concrete baby head planterI’m working on some new, quirky planters for outside in the garden or an inside table top. Here is the first one. This a hollow cast concrete baby head planter that I have named, Baby Snooks. Yes, I’ll admit he’s a bit creepy looking, but who doesn’t like babies? Perfect for anyone who is tired of the same ole run of the mill planter pots. I planted a succulent in this one, but I will be offering them soon on my Shop page without the succulent so you can plant whatever suits your fancy. This concrete planter is hollow, very light wight, and has is a small drainage hole in the bottom. Feedback is welcome!

Dimensions:4.25” H x 3.75” W x 4.5” D

13 For Halloween ~ Art Event

13 for Halloween show cardI am one of 13 participating artists in the annual art show, Thirteen for Halloween, happening on October 23 & 24. Reception is Friday, Oct 23, 6-9 pm. The event is hosted by California textile artist, Alexandra Von Burg, along with 12 other unique artists with a flair for the macabre.

Alexandra is known for her quilts, dolls, and a true love of the Halloween season. Thirteen for Halloween celebrates the spirit of All Hallows Eve with fun and spooky original art you won’t find anywhere else.

Hope to see you there!

Textile Dream Studio,
2525 8th St., #13C, Berkeley, CA