Pacific Ocean Park ~ Commemorative Tile

An update on the Pacific Ocean Park Commemorative Tiles I’ve been working on with artist, Dave Doherty. I have several finished and available in my Studio Store. They are cast in Tuf-Stone, Gypsum Cement, and have a lustrous wax finish. (Tuf-Stone is made to be very durable and chip resistant) At this point, I have two color styles, one is a Natural Sand color, and the other is a darker Medium Oak color. Tuf-Stone is more of an indoor material, meaning it doesn’t like constant exposure to water. The tiles have been treated with a penetrating sealer with a protective wax finish, so they do have some protection. If there is an interest, I will make them  in concrete, which will hold up great outdoors.

Pacific Ocean Park Tile, natural finish     Pacific Ocean Park Commemorative Tile, dark oak color

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